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Kamika Sylvester, BSc, RN

Nurse, Mentor, Consultant & Advocate




A Bit About Me

From a young age, I've been a catalyst for change, an agent of disruption, and someone who never accepted "no" as the final answer. Whether on the playground or in the corporate boardroom, I've consistently demonstrated my unwavering commitment to advocacy and driving meaningful change. My journey hasn't followed a straight path, but I credit my achievements to my resilience, resourcefulness, and the strong support network that surrounds me.


Throughout my personal and professional odyssey, I've transformed every rejection into an opportunity for introspection and redirection, ultimately leading me to new horizons and fresh possibilities. In less than two years, I transitioned from being a new grad nurse to becoming an  Independent Nurse Contractor licensed in three provinces. I apply this same transformative approach to empower and equip my patients, colleagues, and clients to effect positive change in their lives, both personally and professionally. To me, the true measure of impact isn't a bank balance or fame but rather a lasting legacy rooted in faith, community, and empathy.


Leadership and self-initiative may be innate for some, while others learn these skills. At RennelCo, we are dedicated to fostering a new generation of transformational leaders by providing them with the necessary teams, tools, and strategies.





Independent Nurse Contractor

Registered Nurse, Emergency Department

Social Media Coordinator, RNAO Nursing Research Interest Group

Co-President, Scholar Practitioner Program Student Council, Nipissing University

Mentor, Canadian Black Nurses Alliance (Academic Cohort)

Mentorship Program Committee, Canadian Black Nurses Alliance (Professional Cohort)

Female Founders in STEM Program, Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce

Founder, The Black Birth Project

Program Peer Advisor, Young Black Women's Project

Strategy and Logistics Coordinator, Vision Brampton

Ask About Us

“If you are looking for a mentor, look no further! It is amazing what Kamika is capable of when it comes to leadership. In addition to building on your strengths, she shows you a clear path to improving any weaknesses. Besides having a strong desire to constantly grow and develop, she also values the growth and development of others.”

Millicent Mensah, Special Education Teacher
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